Sunday, July 5, 2015

3rd & 4th of July in SWFL

This area has really been great for Independence Day, which I am grateful for. My family growing up had great traditions for this holiday, which I have always missed. We sure packed a lot into these 2 days.

We started with a BBQ at the church

Afterward we went over to the Miromar Mall and found a spot to park. We ended up parking in a lot across the street from the mall and trekking in, but we came prepared with wagons and walking shoes :)
It was worth the hike, we met up with friends from the kids school. It was fun to let the kids play, there was live music by an 80's cover band, and then the firework show went all out. It was a blast. 
James preferred the fireworks on mute, but seemed to enjoy them anyway. :) 

This morning we started out bright and early. It was tempting to bail, but we didn't! (Go us!) We joined the kids school in a local parade and once again with the wagons. It was a three mile stretch. 
Nicholas had a great time, and showed off the shirt he decorated last week in prep for the parade. Afterward we were all hot and tired, and there was a brilliant Kona Ice truck waiting for us. That person was a genius to set up there. They made a killing, I'm sure. Welcome to FL- 95* by ten a.m. Lol

I didn't take pics with my phone at the neighborhood BBQ because we used the GoPro and I haven't downloaded the pics yet. Needless to say, after a very late night last night, and early rise and hike in the sun, and then the rest of the afternoon at the pool- we expected the kids to fall right to sleep! They did not. 
They finally all fell asleep around 5. Now we were stuck with the dilemma of whether to wake them or not for any other activities. We weren't going to, but listening to all of the fireworks going off around our house, I didn't want to miss the experience with them. So we decided to live dangerously! 
James and William basically begged to go back to bed after a bit- which made it just about perfect because my main concern with waking them, was getting them back to sleep afterward. 
All in all, it was an excellent celebration of the holiday, and I loved making memories with our little family. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Grandparent visit

Aren't Grandparent visits just the best thing ever?!

This was right before a major poop incident. It involved the washing of undies, shorts, and a cute little butt in the bathroom sink.  This is him waiting patiently while I attempt to dry his shorts in the hand drier. (Spoiler- it didn't work. Ain't nobody got time fo dat)
This is the twins deciding to pretend to be babies by sucking their thumbs. Lol


The boys had a blast. Pictures say it all, I think :)